Tennis Injuries:

 “Why do I have pain in my elbow”?  “My shoulder pain is back again”!

A general good advice to avoid injuries and pains is: WARM-UP before play and STRETCH after play. Hitting the ball back and forth over the net in a 3 min “mini-tennis” does NOT do it alone for a warm-up session.

 Anyway, of all the tennis injuries possible, the elbow pains and the shoulder pains are the most common. Why do they occur, how do we get rid of them and how do we avoid them in the future? Let us take a look at it:


Elbow pains:

The symptoms here are either a pain on the outside of the elbow (tennis elbow) or on the inside of the elbow (golfer´s elbow).  These pains can vary from just a noticeable pain to a very significant pain – typically when hitting.

Why do we get these pains? Does it have to do with my racquet? My grip? My strings or tension? Generally, NO! It comes from a “bad technique” – primarily on the back-hand and by hitting the ball too late on the back-hand.

How do we get rid of it? Short- time relief can be adding something cold to the joint, some massage or the use of the new small machine called “Ten-ease” etc. However, to really make sure it does not come back to haunt you, you need a few more lessons, in order to change your technique on the back-hand side. In addition, it is recommendable to strengthen your fore-arm´s muscles. The fore-arm supports the elbow joint the most.  



Shoulder pains commonly occur on the front-side or on the top of the shoulder. When you hit through the ball, or when you swing back, you will feel a distinct pain. It is a form of tendinitis.

Why do we get these pains? Again, the main reason is “bad technique” – but this time primarily due to a faulty follow-through or a too high back-swing both on the fore-hand.

How to get rid of these pains? For the moment, you can cool down your shoulder and apply some massage. BUT – to make sure it does not re-occur, you need to change your technique, to make sure that you use your body correctly, when swinging at the ball. A programme for strengthening your shoulder muscles is also highly recommendable!


Well, is there any injury, which is caused due to the use of “wrong” equipment?

The closest you get to that will be wrist-pains, which can have to do with using the wrong size grip causing you to grip (hold on) too hard. Wrist-pains also occur due to flexing the wrist too much (squash-hitting), however.

Most pains on the lower part of the body, apart from deriving from direct accidents, are due to over-use and lack of muscle strength. If you play a lot and want to play at a reasonable level, it is very important to strengthen your body with some muscle training – especially legs and the core part.

A good WARM-UP and a solid post-play STRETCHING, will also help you in keeping the pains away!

 Speak to your coach in order to getting the techniques sorted and to get some suggestions for psychical training and conditioning.